Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to shop

Is it possible to be excited about an interstate trip but loath it at the same time?

To avoid sending you all to sleep, I won’t explain the reason why I'm anxious about our imminent trip to Sydney and instead indulge in the fact that we'll have 2 days to do some sight-seeing and shopping (which will no doubt get rid of my anxiousness as we all know shopping gets rid of the mean reds - just ask Audrey).

Who would have thought that a Brisbanite of 25 years has barely seen a street in Sydney her whole life? Especially one with a penchant for shopping such as I have. It's not often we get the chance to venture to neighbouring cities that are less than an in-flight movie away so when the opportunity knocks, I welcome it with tea and biscuits.

The only problem I foresee for our quick trip is if my partner actually allows me to do a spot of shopping (here's hoping my Mum & Dad will convince him), I need to be selective about what I'm going to buy. My winter list is completed and printed out, ready to reference at any point (see my previous posts if you need some tips on what to put on yours) but knowing my haphazardness when put in front of a well organised Witchery window, my list goes out the door faster than my partner does.

Need proof of holiday purchases that end being ebay items in 5 minutes? Just look at some of the items you can pick up in Byron Bay that never see the light of day - did I really need that dream catcher necklace and hippy printed skirt? Not likely unless I decide to move to West End and wave incense around me as I walk the streets handing out "SMILE" stickers to passersby.

So it's with all good intentions we set off over the border for a few days of family, friends and shopping in the hope that upon my return I will be able to present you with my wonderful purchases. If you don't hear from me for a few days, presume the worst (my partner got a hold of my credit card and locked me in the hotel room - nooooo!).

Yours truly

PS. Thanks to the lovely Fabsugar website for making one of my winter outfits today’s Look of the Day!

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