Friday, April 3, 2009

While the cats away

I’d love to say the mouse will play but I think old age is getting to me. Instead of rounding up my girlfriends for a night of music, food and world famous punch, I have decided that the couch beckons – as does thousands more episodes of Gossip Girl.

Yes, I was a late GG bloomer –I am only half way through the first season (kindly donated by my best friend, thanks SH) but I was hooked after watching the first 10 minutes and intend to spend all weekend in between housework and shopping, watching the drama unfold and drooling over the clothes.

After catching episode 8 “Seventeen Candles” last night, I fell in love with Blair a little more thanks to her Japanese themed birthday party and the fact that she managed to receive a table full of presents wrapped to match. As much as I hate to confess it, the Martha Stewart/Tonia Todman in me loves themed gift wrapping which lead me to this lovely blog that I plan to read in the coming weeks: and the authors online shop: (unfortunately only ships within America but great for ideas!).
When not catching up on S and B’s lives or cleaning the house in preparation for the man to arrive home from a trip to Sydney, I am going antiquing properly for the first time. I’ve most certainly set foot in many an antique store over the years and purchased an item or two but this time around I have a few specific stores to visit and some cash in hand. A lazy Saturday afternoon not 2 months prompted me to go, after catching the movie “Designing Woman” starring Gregory Peck and Lauren Becall on tele. The fantastic apartment Becall’s character lives in reminded me that when it comes to homewares, chain store buys are practical and affordable but a few eclectic antiques give a room a charm that Freedom and Ikea just can’t provide.

If you’re a Brisbanite, Southside Antiques on Ipswich Road at Annerley has a fantastic selection of furniture, clothing and brick-a-brack as does the New Farm Antique centre on Commercial Road, Teneriffe. Fingers crossed I can track down an old style soda siphon to put towards my man’s birthday present (a mass of old world bar paraphernalia). Now all we need is a bar in the dining room like Ms Becall’s and we’re ready for the clash of the poker club & the drama society!

Yours truly

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