Friday, April 24, 2009

TGIF (and some Friday photos)

You know its Friday when you’re organising lunch and after work drinks all before you’ve had your morning coffee. Our chosen venues today (in case you haven’t got anywhere planned yet) are Beccofino in Teneriffe (fantastic pizza and a great wine list) and Emporium Hotel, Fortitude Valley. Normally I’d steer clear of the Emporium Hotel based on price but my cousin is visiting from Perth and staying there so it’s a special occasion. Plus I want to have a sticky beak at the hotel rooms as I still haven’t seen inside one yet - apparently they’re hot, check out the pics on their website here).

I couldn’t help but post a nice image to get you geared up for the weekend (see above) and one of my favourite artists is a guy by the name of Monsiuer Z (cool name or what?). I was given one of his birthday card designs a number of years ago and fell in love with the great graphics and scenes he creates (minus of course the fact that I stare longingly at the women and wish I looked like them). His work is hard to find in stores but his website is worth a peek.
If you need some Friday night web browsing inspiration (or just like to gander at what other people wear), I recently discovered Chictopia which once you’re registered, allows you to post photos of your own outfit creations for other people to check out. It’s also free to view everyone else’s galleries so once you’ve exhausted this month’s magazines style pages, it’s worth checking out the style gallery.

Now that it’s getting slightly cooler in Eastern states, I’ve found a few photo’s that might help you decide what to wear this weekend (I know the sun is still out in Brisvegas but I know it’s chilly when I have to close the bathroom windows to stop the breeze coming in of a morning). I love the arty photographs and outfit ideas these gals (and guys) come up with – definitely one to add to your favourites.
Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're doing.
Yours truly

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