Thursday, April 2, 2009

New season fashion vs economic crisis: the battle has begun.

In a recent staff summit at my office I noted down a few interesting comments made by our guest speaker, one Gary Bertwistle ( in relation to the economic crisis affecting our world today. The one quote that was most interesting to me was from none other than Microsoft guru and notable millionaire Bill Gates who stated “we are in an economic downturn but an innovation upturn”.

Why did I find this one most interesting? Well a number of reasons actually. One of them being that in less than a month Australian Fashion Week rolls around again to showcase a fantastic new season of designer garments, key trends, new faces and new labels. What will be interesting this year is how an economic crisis such as the one we are in will affect what walks down the runway. I recently read in a number of different online and print articles that research shows hemlines rise in good financial times and fall in bad. Floor length maxi anyone?

Visit any online search engine for recession tips and you’ll be reading for hours. Scour the magazine racks at your local newsagent and you’ll see an array of discount offers and freebies. Hit the major chain store websites online and you’re bombarded with sale items. And what can only be described as the nicest thing a government has ever done for its country, check your bank balance at the beginning of April and many of you will have received $950 to “stimulate the economy” – thanks K-Rudd!

As we reach the beginning of Winter and what will no doubt be a prolific time in every Australian’s life (telling your grandkids you survived the global financial crisis will make for good bedtime stories) it’s with Kevin Rudd’s approval - nay – directive, that we spend, spend, spend. Now I don’t know about you but I need little help to get out of a bikini and Havianas and into a trench coat and boots each year - what some people might find hard however, is what to spend said stimulus package on. According to 2 of the 4 magazines I’ve read in the last few weeks, it should be “investment pieces that will last longer than the recession itself” yet according to the other 2 magazines out of those 4, we need to be more budget savvy and start looking to lower end labels and chain stores for bargain basement prices.

So how do you invest wisely but shop on a budget? Take a note out of Martha Stewart’s diary and make a list. A GFC list if you will. And the best way to start a list of what you don’t have is to look at what you do have. Slim line blazer to go with your skinny jeans? Check. Tie-waist trench coat for getting to & from the office? Check. The newest shoe trend to take the world by storm the shoe boot? Check. A plethora of scarves to update last week’s outfit? Check. Black opaque stockings to take a summer dress into the cooler months? Check.

If like me though, you live in a country that is still averaging 28° days then you won’t have any of the above and are in dire need of a shopping spree (with your GFC list of course). Stay tuned to see what’s going on my list for the new season…………………

Yours truly

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