Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lets go stimulate (the economy)

I've never cared so much about my postcode - thanks to a tip off from a work colleague yesterday I found out the government's stimulus package's were being sent out via postcode starting in the city (4000). Being one of a few lucky Nudgee residents I finally today received my $900.

What's frustrating is the fact that I couldn't bring myself to leave it all in my bank account and spend like Mr Rudd wants me to - so the credit card got a good top up. I reasoned though that $150 was enough to keep for something special and after realising I need new shoes this morning when trying to dress for work, I think a small shopping trip is in order (thankfully my cousin is coming over from Perth this weekend so if the man asks, I've got an excuse to go into town!).
So thanks K-Rudd for making me feel a little better about the few splurges I had at QVB in Sydney (and for making my bank balances look so much better so early in the pay month).
Yours truly

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