Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I heart Etsy

Sick of the all the usual chain store buys? Need a gift for someone that's handmade and not available anywhere else? Then get your self onto (you can thank me later). A fantastic website full of clothing, jewellry, art, homewares, gifts and all manner of beautiful handmade bits and pieces.

Some of the items on this site are devine, I could spend hours trawling through the jewellery and children's clothes. In fact, I did last night. I seem to have picked up a secret obsession for all things bird like lately and after doing a search on the site, came across pages and pages of "add to cart" items. Check out some of my finds.....

Each image has a link to the Etsy store if you like them enough to buy them. Just be careful, this site is highly addictive.
Yours truly

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